Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Obedience vs. Common Sense Thinking

Permitting any hierarchical thinking at all in yourself or your Church is tantamount to allowing a child to carry a grenade with pin pulled into the every Church meeting! It's only a matter of time before...boom!

Hierarchical Leadership and Ministry thinking defined simply,...Any Leadership style which tends draw people to serve a central vision of a Church Leader, promotes those who can advance the vision by virtue of being really gifted in life, and uses guilt and failure motivation to evince more service from followers. It's diametrically opposite to Christ style Leadership!

Monday, 17 April 2017

The Best Ally For Satisfaction In Life

A positive human nature is as attractive and more so than ability or knowledge or beauty and fashionable clothing!
Dress to the nines, adorn yourself with sparkling jewels and perfume ladies; and men, shave and splash on a dash of eau de toilette, put on a crisp new shirt and suit. You will attract the attention which you desire, but the results will not be long lasting.

Proverbs 3:21-26 TLB 21 Have two goals: wisdom—that is, knowing and doing right—and common sense. Don’t let them slip away, 22 for they fill you with living energy and bring you honor and respect. 23They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail.”; Proverbs 4:5-10 TLB;

Good grooming and sharp dressing is really good sense; but, looking good only requires lipstick and rouge -- a bit of spit and polish. You’ll always get a first glance and you’ll feel better about your prospects for as long as you look good. Still, if there is a gnawing sense of inner dissatisfaction, dressing well and looking good will not solve that issue.

An inner heart attitude that is positive and kind is what keeps onlookers interested after first glances fade away. To keep others voluntarily interested and invested, you need to do the things that will grow their esteem of you. Admiration is the necessary commerce if you are to continue in the ongoing good opinions of others. Admiration builds when their initial impression of your inner person is positive and the following views they have consistently support a person at peace with their lives. It's very easy if you feel satisfied within your life.

The spirit knows the real person by the actions and decisions taken!

Beautiful women always attracts the first look from men, but any sense of ugliness -- evil behavior, foolishness or potty talk, rude and uncaring behavior, and unkindness -- repels any admiration continuing after first looks. In fact, the only memory remaining after first looks are the sensed attitudes -- positive or negative. The sense of overall satisfaction - dissatisfaction which cloths you makes for a beauty or ugliness which others sense. Negative traits are easily observed.

Satisfaction produces visibly attractive attitudes like confidence, kindliness, positiveness, and a general forward thinking future focused nature. These natures attract many life enhancing friendships, because people want to make friends with positive people, people like they want to be. People who appear at peace with themselves have many friends willing to invest in their lives.

Dissatisfaction produces such unattractive natures as a problem focus, remembering not the blessings but rehearsing regrets. Dissatisfaction attracts the care givers: you know, the type of friend who is intent on fixing your problems, not just being friends. These friendships cool over time when care giving friends realize your feelings have no physiological or traumatic reason cause or cure. Instead, they seem to be the produce of your own doing, by a continuous series of poor choices. Friends will stay true when they know there is good reason for troubles, but not if you are causing your own dilemma.

Dissatisfied people tend to attract people like accidents on busy roads attract lookie-loos; who, slow down to take a look but keep on driving. Lookie-loos often cause accidents and more near misses. Lookie-loos are the almost friends. Almost come close starting to talk to you, but they never continue to really get to know you. These are the people that leave you wondering why you can't make friends. Almost friends are the type that feel free enough to give their sense of you to others -- talk which ofttimes escalates into assumptions of troubled character that make you known to others by before you ever meet them.

The sense you exude will makes you known to bosses as well. Powerful people or any skilled leader gain abilities to read people, and usually come to rely on this ability. Authorities have the the power to raise you up, or justify overlooking your hard work, all based on a 'gut feeling'. Unfair you say, that is life!

Emotions cripple you for a short time, but the sense of your dissatisfaction will stay with you forever.

Feelings always pop up to reveal how you really view yourself. Feelings come in two forms: i.) emotions triggered by events, and, ii.) a general sense about your own responses.

Emotionally triggered feelings, as well as the sense created by your decisions both automatically come to mind with every event and decision. You can overcome feelings triggered by events, but you can not hide from the sense of your own satisfaction or dissatisfaction which springs up into your consciousness.

Here's an example of good emotional feelings at work. When you've spotted the women [or man] of your dreams, emotions kick in and captivate your mind: the usual effect is negative traits are overlooked while even small positives are made more abundantly positive. You may try to sound logic when explaining why you think she [or he] is absolutely 'perfect', but emotions are leading every discussion. It's a wonderful set of feelings! Feelings like these work focus your attention in a way she [or he] notices and responds to. Throughout your courting, these wonderful emotions will persist.

An inner heart attitude that is positive and kind is what keeps onlookers interested after first glances fade away.
Once the job that emotions are meant to accomplish is finished, the feelings of blind love fade. The events of courtship are remembered fondly, but the strength of AND feelings they evoke are very different. Remembering events produces a fondness of new feelings not the feelings you once had.

How about those dark emotions triggered by the worst events imaginable... The crushing disappointment triggered when a trusted person betrays you. Feelings of failure, guilt, with every other bad feeling floods in to take a pot shot at what is left of your soul. Confusion sets in over your own understandings of reality have been questioned. The event which triggered the bad memory will stay in your mind for a very long time. The emotional feelings associated will fade into disappointment, but it's a type that stays in your memory and thus it too can be overcome without leaving you with the sense of disappointment with regrets and [no peace in life].

The emotional reactions [feelings] caused by troubling events will cripple you for a short time, but the sense of dissatisfaction with your past poor choices responding to troubled will stay with you forever. Feelings, by it a slight by a friend, or horrible event, these feelings and events are remembered and stored in the mind. As time goes by you will not have the same strength of emotional feelings coming up. The memory of your choices is stored much deeper down in the spirit where your senses are produced.

Because feelings evinced by troubling events are mind memories they are overcome-able. In choosing to remember the good and positive, the blessings, and through forgiveness even the most mind numbing feelings can be recovered from with no lasting effects on your human spirit. But when these type of feelings are allowed to fester and give rise to compromising decisions and evil jealous hateful behaviors, then that sense of your choices and behaviors is what will be remembered by your spirit. Years later you'll wish you were a better person, more forgiving, more an example of the best of a human being than the worst of human nature. Regrets over your own choices are what forms the dissatisfaction in life.

Ever felt an unexpected confidence when making a decision that was contrary to conventional wisdom. If you've ever experienced an unexpected peace in your soul while your mind struggles with a decision you knew rightly. would cost you badly, you've chosen rightly. And your choice will build for satisfaction without regrets. Ever felt the sudden deflation of spirit or regret wishing you could take back your decision as soon as you knew you acted improperly! Then you've chosen to compromise what you knew was right and your human spirit is reacting with a sense of disappointment. That is what is remembered in your spirit, the issues that gave rise to your choice will be forgotten from memory.

Emotions cripple you for a short time, but the sense of your own choices will stay with you forever. These feelings are your human spirit's judgement of your choices, not others actions.

Unlike emotional remembrances stored in the mind, the judgements of your choices accumulate growing in the spirit. Whether a niggling feeling or loud clamor of dissatisfaction due to a major baddy, each disappointment strengthens the overall sense you possess about your life. It's this sense of your own life comes to your mind from time to time, but it is the clothing others see as well. Are you clothed in fine dress, or stinky rags!

Repentance is the tool of choice designed to remove spiritually guilty feelings associated with sinning and no not relieve the spiritual senses of satisfaction - dissatisfaction. Psychiatry and counseling [including the spiritual practice of counting yourself a new person] does not remove your spiritual sense either of yourself. You may very well be a repentant person, having changed your mind and actions and even made recompense for offenses, but still feel the sense of dissatisfaction pervading your life.

An unfocused fear of the future or the continuous loss of friends and jobs, may indicate a general dissatisfaction is clothing you with an observable negative nature. If dissatisfaction [not disappointment] is what you sense, then you have made a great many compromises to what you knew to be right action and desire. Justification does not have the power to change the spirit's perception of the correctness of your choice.

The unique sense of satisfaction - dissatisfaction is developed in the human spirit through every choice we make! The sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction we feel, can only be affected by consistency making honorable and positive and good desire choices.

The only way to change the sense you have about your life is to choose well, and keep choosing rightly according to your common sense.

No one can predict disasters or control everything around them; however, common sense gives you the chance for peace through every circumstance and in every relationship in life. Peace in life is the highest attainable spiritual blessing available. For this purpose the sense of satisfaction was created. She was designed to confirm your life's choices crowning you with a sense of peace, that all is well. When peace eludes, the sense of satisfaction works to impel better choices. Getting peace is also the very best non-controlling motivation we humans are given to justify wanting to change. This is a God-design! The sense of satisfaction works for believer or non-believer and in all religions.

Many blessings follow people who don't have a lot of specific regrets to play over and over on their minds -- such people tend to focus more on the future with confidence. There is more freedom to consider new opportunity without the must do pressing in the mind. Common sense is a tremendous ally in the struggle for satisfaction in life, she will deliver you from dissatisfaction, and the self-recriminations that diminish peace in life.

You can't knew everything, Common sense reveals a sense of the right choices and actions prior to and in every new situation when our action is demanded. This is God's first line of wisdom in the fight against human sin nature which tends to choose only what is good for self.

The sense of satisfaction instantly reveals the spirit’s judgement having just made a decisions, thus giving the pause-for-thought opportunity to make immediately amends. It’s God's back-up design to give a second chance to change futures. After all, no-one likes feeling bad about their lives!

Proverbs 24:3-4 TLB Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.

This is part of an article called 'The Best Ally For Satisfaction In Life' with the remainder to come shortly! Cheers Pat

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Remove The Oxygen - Stop Genocide Before It Fully Engages In A Society

Three elements are required to start and prolong fire: heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent (oxygen). When combined in the right mixture at the same place and time, a fire combustion is inescapable.

The ingredients are well known! Smoking is prohibited around gas pumps - construction regulations mandates new houses use fire retardant materials - open fires in dry woods are not allowed in dry season. We recognize the potential so we all accept universal common sense regulations in order to minimize the risk of a spontaneous combustion. Right up to the point of being fully engaged, fire is preventable by simply removing one element. After a fire starts, it takes too much time and costs too much property damage to try and remove the fuel or heat sources. The preferred method is the fastest way to stop fires and that is to remove the oxygen supply.

Masses of distressed and disenfranchised people lacking the basics human respect compose the source fuels upon which most all personal and larger mass genocides burns. The heat generated by sparks of greedy actions combined with hatreds, enmities, and fears come from too many sources to be removed from society. The oxygen is the the controllable element when it comes to preserving peace for all peoples.

Leaders agendas' provides the proverbial oxygen which allows the sparks of hatred and greed to burn long enough to ignite mass murder and genocides. Any leaders voice that foments mistrust of other peoples, gives the wind to genocide. Attributing societies ills to a single class of people allows fear of other classes to grow into intolerant action. Leaders protectionist speech aimed at one class of people strips them of common protections and buoys the sparkers to burn hot. This style of misdirection is the same huge public lies with force that Nero and Hitler used to divert attention from themselves and get what they wanted.

Check this out - the public justification for every hidden Leaders agenda seems to be for the protection of the people - yet the focus is almost entirely to set blame one whole group. Criminal groups must always be targeted for suppression and public protection. Leaders speech should at the same time make it clear preventative action is against real criminal conspiracies, and never ever permit the spread of blame over an entire class of people.

Removing oxygen is the easiest and most successful means for controlling the fires of murder and mass murder in our society today. Genocides don't happen in some remote part of the 3rd world and in the uncivilized backward cultures either. Surely the 20th Century has proved this fact many times over. Nationalist promoting national interests, national socialists spouting myths of historical superiority, powerful foreign corporations manipulating legitimate leaders out and promoting their pawns to gain cheap land in another country, the revolutionary wanting to exert payback for generational conflicts: these are a few examples that I expect you can put names to.

Every one of the movements mentioned above are examples of oxygen the gave rise to genocides in advanced western societies in this last century. Theses were examples were the general populace accepted and contributed in the lies because they too entertained similar thoughts. There is no single personality type either - but, the Leaders who's speech allowed hatreds and fears to spark into fires were highly motivated with their agendas. Democracy, communist, socialist governments -- Democrat, republican Leaders -- have all led movements that has subjected humanity to the fires of genocide.

Don't think for a moment that I'm advocating for extreme and special political protections and actions for targeted classes of peoples -- I am not! In fact I truly belief that special legislation to identify one class of person and elevate there status makes for more prejudice. What is needed is a fair consistent and aggressive response against All criminal and evil actions planned by anyone. When you raise one group above another in entitlement you make them more equal than the rest. Going back to my illustration -- in trying to legislate equality by making one person more privileged than another, one tries to stop fires by stamping on the sparks of hatreds and fears and jealousies [feeling]. There's just to many...

There seems to be one recognizable quality of Leaders who's rule ends in purposefully or inadvertently promoting genocides. They hold a commitment to 'agendas' known to create disenfranchisement of large portions of society -- nationalistic, projectionistic, existentialistic agendas.

I don't include Leaders using strong laws to promote equal decency - safety - security - peace through strong Laws in my analogy. Strong fair enforcement of laws don't lead to the fires that spread into mass murder. Nor do I include Leaders who choose to declare war on 'specific' atrocities perpetrated by criminal governments. Anything that leads to peace for the helpless people being subjected to horror is just. The Leader's speech I refer to as the oxygen which gives rise to most most genocides, arises from those who use force of will and politics to create fears at the expense of 'peace'.

Romans 13:4 "For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good." 1 Timothy 2:2 "... for kings and all those in authority, that we may [ALL] live peaceful and quiet lives..."

Romans gives a great guide in choosing good Leaders! The purpose of Leadership in God's eyes is to hold back evil and promote peace for all peoples in justice. Any person who has the strength of character to do justice, resist evil, and allow people to grow in equality within the society - anyone with decent plans to promote equal equality and peace are the right choices.

The ingredients that lead to the fires of genocide is recognizable and therefore mass murder by institutional government sponsorship is preventable. Once dehumanization ignites into atrocities and genocide, nothing will stop it's spread in a nation. So long as nations elect Leaders who seek nationalistic glory for their country or demonize people not like them, humankind will pay the price in human suffering and wars! Remove the 'oxygen' before the fires engage.

The most important consideration when Christian's elect a Leader has to be to choose Leaders who promote good government and decent human relationships. That means elect people known and proven to be 'for all people' and against greed and nationalistic hatreds that smolder in society. It can't be that politics or commerce should ever drive Christians in the important decision. This important choose must be based on the common senses of choosing Leaders strong enough to lead for peace and protections of all peoples, for equal justice, equality of rights and privileges, and good government which allows people to do commerce and build relationships that promote society!