Sunday, 25 February 2018

Common Sense in Competition

I have to say this about the anti-competition lobbyists... Our moms always used to say, "I love you whether you win or lose..."! It's the most important Truth a parent can give their children and the best way to arm them, prepare them to deal with both success and failure. Presumably every parent would agree with this is the most important statement our children can hear. A parents love gains the upper hand on excessive elation and soothes disappointments.

When anti-competition people try so hard to downplay competition they are really saying that a person's individual self-esteem is far more important than learning to respond correctly: that self-esteem is the right focus in raising young people: even more important than the lessons learned in love.

During the formative years I totally agree that the emphasis should be creating an environment where group activity should promote personal growth - say up to 12 we should make activity about fun and participation. That teaches the joy of activity and benefits of seeing personal growth.

There's more to learn than activity is fun though. Learning about pursuing excellence with good character - the good sportsmanship of winning in humility and losing without being emotionally defeated. That takes completion...

If love and teaching character are both the best qualities parents can promote in their youth, then they shouldn't be worried about their child feeling a little loss of self-esteem momentarily. Love demonstrated teaches young people a far greater lesson, win or loose: it SHOWS ACCEPTANCE. Loving actions tell the child they are save and teaches the child there is more to life than achieving a little self-esteem. Love makes room for competitive achievement and excellence in our society.