Sunday, 25 February 2018

Common Sense in Competition

I have to say this about the anti-competition lobbyists... Our moms always used to say, "I love you whether you win or lose..."! It's the most important Truth a parent can give their children and the best way to arm them, prepare them to deal with both success and failure. Presumably every parent would agree with this is the most important statement our children can hear. A parents love gains the upper hand on excessive elation and soothes disappointments.

When anti-competition people try so hard to downplay competition they are really saying that a person's individual self-esteem is far more important than learning to respond correctly: that self-esteem is the right focus in raising young people: even more important than the lessons learned in love.

During the formative years I totally agree that the emphasis should be creating an environment where group activity should promote personal growth - say up to 12 we should make activity about fun and participation. That teaches the joy of activity and benefits of seeing personal growth.

There's more to learn than activity is fun though. Learning about pursuing excellence with good character - the good sportsmanship of winning in humility and losing without being emotionally defeated. That takes completion...

If love and teaching character are both the best qualities parents can promote in their youth, then they shouldn't be worried about their child feeling a little loss of self-esteem momentarily. Love demonstrated teaches young people a far greater lesson, win or loose: it SHOWS ACCEPTANCE. Loving actions tell the child they are save and teaches the child there is more to life than achieving a little self-esteem. Love makes room for competitive achievement and excellence in our society.


Friday, 19 January 2018

Grace & Truth

Time to stop giving in to the easy expository style teachy-preachy witnessing - instead prepare and practice to present Christ by common sense driven dialogue, in all His power, and by demonstrating loving sacrificial action! Stop calling expository teachy-preachy stuff witnessing. This witness is not Christian at all!

“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”

Expository dialogue happens when any teaching or preaching of God's will is introduced and which is out-of-norm of the natural conversation flow. It's unexpected. Expository witness takes nothing more than brashness. It doesn't require courage and usually no sacrifice: that is unless you think it's a sacrifice just to be thought of as 'weird'. Let's face it, most of us would rather take the 'weird' label as our sacrificial hit; for, that doesn't require change and a lot of our time on our part, or shudder does it require building relationship.

All expository witnessing does is placate the personal sense of duty by making the presenter feel they've done their Christian duty. In the broader market-work place, expository stuff clobber hearers sending them into acrimonious silence and creates a distance from Christ. It is definitely not helping the Church. Now the Church is seeing the damaging back-lash of a lot of our inappropriate witness. Good news... we can and have to change and common sense will help us do that.

What Grace is given to hearers when Christians quote ‘scripture’ giving their personal opinions on some Truth that judges the hearers. When 'God's will' is brought into general working conversations, hearers don’t hear their spirit’s quietly voicing contrition and shame. Even if they do feel a bit of shame, what they hear are the much louder voices of resentment and disregard drowning out any good that might be done. Little Grace given and much less Truth received by teach-preachy dialogues with co-workers outside Church where teaching preaching scenes are expected.

There is little to no Grace extended by using our ‘Christian’ realities to teach others Truths when the Holy Spirit hasn’t prepared the human soul ahead of time!
People everywhere learn of Christ first and best by viewing Christ-likness in action. This concept and visual type seed is what is received by soul and not rejected by the mind.

Human being are created to search out mystery and the soul is wired to seek and perceive...

Monday, 8 January 2018

Common Sense Completes Incomplete Lives

Unfulfilled hopes fill people with the sense of incomplete lives and many regrets.

Ever had one of those "would of - could of - "should of" moments? Maybe a stock investment opportunity was missed, or should have been missed? Was it in response to a failed commitment to loose weight, again! Was it a missed opportunity to get away for a long weekend when the family asked? "If only" are words used to express regret, and we've all used it.

These comments are vague justifications. Be honest, statements like these actually reveal we knew beforehand our choice was a bad one. The voice of fear works by justification presenting a mask for us to hide behind so we don't have to admit the truth - that we knew better. We promise ourselves to be better in the future. "Next-time, I'll know what to do.... and I'll do better". Yet most humans just don't do better the next time and the repeat justifications become entrenched habit.

Humans tend to put-off making decisions about the causes of failures. You probably don't think there are ways to change your thinking in order to make good choices. Fear continues causing missed opportunities ending with regrets in your life!

There is one ally you can count on who will always be on your side. Common sense reveals the relative worth of considering unknown opportunities. Common sense will guard you from harm by highlighting a sense of what is right and wrong, and equally compel you to overcome any fear to try advance your lives.

We've all regretted some choice we started into or we felt it shortly after starting into the venture. There is a measurable difference between 'taking a calculated risk' on something (someone), AND delusional thinking. - the measure is carried out second by second in your spirit by the same common sense God has given to us all.

However, taking a calculated risk when you already know what your planning is wrong to begin with always creates regrets, even if you gain! You know it already to be fraught with regrets no matter what transpires. You don't need to wait and hear what common sense is saying: your spirit and mind are screaming at you to STOP if you have any conscience.

When you aren't sure what is ahead, when you are afraid of decisions you face, that little voice telling you it is good and right and giving you confidence, that is the voice of your ally common sense. She's making herself known to your conscious. It's how she works.

Review all the calculated risks you've taken and failed in. Have you come to think that it is taking risk is the problem to be avoided. I've heard many say this very thing after a notable failure. Taking a risk isn't the problem. Taking risks is the way to achieve hopes and dreams... hope without action is hopeless. Put feet to your hopes and dreams again.

Start anew and take another calculated risk, only this time keep listen for your inner voices confirmation. Don't stop when fear arises or the can't do voices appear, that's only the first response to an unknown... Go deeper and sense the rightness of the choice, a joy that overcomes lethargy, and the depth of your long held desire -- does this result in giving you confidence -- wait for it! Don't just go on what your mind says is good or what friends tell you can trust.

Achievement demands you taking 'calculated risks'. If ever you want to see good desires come true, you cannot stay within what you know: you must step outside what you know into what you do not know now. That means there will be a little fear, but don't stop there, use common sense to determine the merits of any choice.

Risk taking which is driven by our human natures is part of our essential human design. Can you envision the world without the many discoveries made by men and women going outside what they know into what they do not know? All the could have and would have beens, would never have happened if mankind had not listened to their hearts desires desire into their destiny.

Common sense comes from the inside (the soul)- her voice reveals risks being considered as good risks or regrets waiting to happen.

As a word of caution, nothing is full-prove against the evil in the world. Unforeseen traumatic events can change outcomes even after common sense has given you confidence to make decisions - wars, natural catastrophes, and evil perpetrated by mankind against each other are also a part of the reality we live in. Just make sure that you are not unequally yoked taking risks by not partnering with evil people in the first place.

Personally speaking, can you ever imagine your life without love? If you have a partner, children, and grandchildren, you would have to have taken calculated risks. Without taking a risk you would not have known fulfillment in the most important desires of life! You may not have felt any fear or reservation making a choice and taking the risk to marry: maybe you felt only a sense of confidence. So you wouldn't attribute the decision as having risk when you took it in hindsight. You did take a risk, but the confidence you felt overcame any negative feelings at the time. That is what common sense's voice feels like...

Two additional thoughts - first, you've probably discovered that after taking the good risk and marrying the love of your life, it takes a great deal of effort, compromise, sacrificing some dreams and wants to achieve the greatest rewards in marriage. And you've probably also made many mistakes along the way. That will be true of every decision you make even when common sense's leads you into major life choices.

Secondly, it is active love and submission one to another that makes any marriage good; but it is common sense that has the capacity to take any starting relationship and turn it into a lasting joy filled life without regrets. So what makes the difference as to whether or not you succeed in marriage? Is it a sense of 'romantic love' that caused you to get married - or was it logical choice - did you recognize an equality in goals, or was the marriage arranged for you -- these are all examples of marriages that succeeded. You probably don't think these are good reasons.

Marriage gurus suggest that you had similar (complimenting) goals, and success is predicated on you both having the "right" reasons to start married life. It's partly true only if your reasons were good and not bad in the first place(an attempt to escape life, get safety... etc.). Consider -

Decent reasons to start a marriage may add to the possibility of success, but the reasons don't guarantee a life long loving marriage... If each person possesses strong characters and are committed to practice loving each other unconditional it is still not a guarantee for joy and contentment in each others arms. Yet, long term joy and love without regrets is achievable.

The truth is this - it does not matter what reason first led you to start into a relationship - every marriage takes a lot of work and sacrifice and change in both individuals if it is to to create joy and companionship in this life. What really gives a chance for ultimate success of contentment in this life without regrets, is to make sure you add to your reasoning by listening to the inner voice of common sense.

Without her sense of inner peace that compels your confidence, your reasoning may not stand the tests this old world brings to marriages. The inner soulish confirmation compliments reason and feeling. She gives you the confidence to continue in love when the sense of love wanes... Common sense is the voice that makes for greatest chance of life long marriages grow with mutual love and joy and companionship.

Disenchantment comes after the expected End results leave a bad taste making some unwilling to take any risk ever again. Taking a risk isn't the problem! A 'calculated risk' which is under-pinned by the common sense of hope, peace, proper love gives confidence with a chance for success without regrets. The pathway to success and living without regrets doesn't have to sacrifice conscience...

Contrast & Compare

Taking 'a good risk' - starts by always placing hope in something proven to be good: a noble cause, a righteous act, a truthful person, a long held desire, and will always be attended with a confidence of soul which is beyond natural human hubris. People making a 'recipe for disaster' type risk, without exception starts with a human need and the attempt to find fulfillment by taking the risk. Their hope has been placed in some alternate method of determining what is right and good than common sense - someone already known to be unloving, creating discord, or lacking integrity.

Integrity between what is desired and the methods used to achieve the desire are needed to remove doubt and regrets. By a lack of integrity I mean, actions don't add up to ever achieving the end goals within the confines of Truth and rightness. It's a purposefully planned delusion is what that type of risk taking is! Achievement with contentment requires that the means justifies the ends.

My "would of - could of - should of" story ended by my having to take down video I produced my from YouTube showcase. It was a yet undiscovered young singer/songwriter whom I brought out to the studio and put on the internet. I obtained the proper signed Legal Releases. However, an interloper stepped in later eventually demanding everything be brought under their control. The reasons, pure sophistry. As for the 'rights', they were clearly legally and ethically on our side. I did not want to do things in the same spirit of 'faithless' sudo legal control this interloper operated in. I ended up taking the videos down for the sake of the young talent.

What did I miss -- I missed following my inner voice and should never have introduced this young person to this controlling personality in the first place. Yeppers, I did it. I already knew from testimony of other people even from the interloper's own mouth, of abandoned agreements by every past partner and harsh legalistic decisions by the interloper. My "if only" moment... I wished I had listened to my inner voice of common sense which was consistently unsettling my mind from peace about forming a partnership in the first place. It was a partnership that netted a few good contracts, but cost me regrets in the end. I would never have entered into an unequal ethical partnership had I listened, and I would still be working with this young talent.

Unequal is not narrowly defined by whether one is Christian or not. A lot of Christians like to think that by working with a Christian you'd both have the same values. Unequal refers to big differences in one's value systems which do not reflect a demonstrable common sense with having a general truth in character, goodness and good desires in life, sense of peace and joy, or right and loving actions. I partnered with another professing christian and felt our faith made us equal and safe with each other in business. Our way of doing business differed far too much to protect me against the controlling influence in the interloper's own ways and life.

Anyone can be caught and pay the price with regrets - integrity means ones actions do add up to common sense! Achievement with contentment requires that the means justifies the ends in order to live a life without regrets.